• Ángela Landete Arnal


I came on holidays to Comarruga, a small town in Tarragona where we own a house. I didn't want to spend two months without practising qi gong, this exercise slow and gentle, a kind of meditation in movement which helps me to focus on the positive aspects of my life. It occurred to me to hang notices advertising myself for free, of course, because I'm no a master of the discipline. It came as a surprise to receive neither two nor three phone calls, but twenty.

In my opinion, the fact that I managed to create such a group of followers who are satisfied with my teaching is the best present they could have offered me this summer.

Here you have a few pictures of my dear companions and a video where we rehearse the 8 treasures or Ba Duan Jin. An expert will discover lots of mistakes but we are just happy beginners. The link with real masters is this:

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