• Ángela Landete Arnal

la dona és actualitat

This is the name of a digital platform with the aim of spreading, raising awareness and empowering women in our society, and with which I have started to collaborate. I'll explain how this collaboration began.

A copy of El Viaje de Haidi was bought by Sílvia, the person in charge of the Record club at Vendrell, the gym where my husband and boys train every summer. She must have liked the novel, for she kindly offered me to "settle up" one afternoon at the reception to sign books; not only this but she also referred me to Sandra, the woman who manages a fybromialgia association in the town. One of the activities they've created is the platform "La dona és actualitat" (

They have a forum, interviews, podcasts, articles, debates... dealing with numerous sections: health, beauty, fashion, culture, gastronomy and current news. Sandra asked me to write a text telling my story, and I titled it El poder sanador de la escritura. Here you have the link.






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